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We are a one stop farm direct platform supplying fresh produce from passionate farmers to enthusiastic chefs.


Most restaurants find it hard to source for fresh and valuable ingredients but with Secai Marche, we believe that sourcing and purchasing should be less complicated.


We believe that farmers should not be burdened by tasks like clientele sourcing but instead, their valuable time should be dedicated to caring for their fresh produce. Enter Secai Marche, a solution designed to address these challenges by connecting passionate farmers with enthusiastic chefs. This way, farmers can concentrate on maintaining and enhancing the quality of their products, while Secai Marche facilitates the crucial link between the farmers and culinary professionals.


Secai Marche is always here for
Enthusiastic Chefs & Passionate

Secai Marche serve as a farm fresh platform connecting farmers and chefs from all over the world. We aim to contribute to the economic viability and sustainability of small-scale farms by integrating technology into our sourcing methods. As one of the leading food ingredient supplier in Malaysia, we offer consumers the opportunity to purchase a diverse range of high-quality, delectable products. At the same time, we are committed to providing support to the F&B industry, aiming to bring joy and happiness to everyone.


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As we aim to be the No.1 farm-direct platform in Southeast Asia, we are looking for YOU to join US on our journey!