No.1 Farm Direct Platform
inSoutheast Asia

The Market size of Fresh produces in Southeast Asia is USD100million.

However, eCommerce of Fresh-produces is still undeveloped even though Food e-Commerce is growing rapidly.
This is due to lack of sufficient and efficient Cold chain nor Consolidating philosophy to connect Farmers & Consumers,
We, Secai Marche aim to be the one "Farm-Direct platform to Link Farmers & Consumers"
by providing necessary solution of "information", "Transport", and of "Payment", in Southeast Asia.



It’s about dreaming big and changing the game. We are proud to create an exciting and dynamic services forever.


We respect all individuals and cultures and value their contributions in all aspects of the business with genuine appreciation.


We always ask why, we challenge the status quo, and we innovate at every turn.


Create A Reason for Being.

Our aim is to establish An essential platform of “Information”, “Transport”, and “Payment” for everyone.

We found that there is a limited access for Quality products due to undeveloped fulfillment services for both of Farmers & Consumers even though there are a wide range of wonderful products.

Quality over Quantity, We cast light on “Producers” & “Consumers” who both are taking ultimate role for society. which is challenging but rather dynamic & exciting for you.

Never give up, Its rather dynamic & exciting for you. Lets Grow together.

Co-Founder Ami Sugiyama & Shusaku Hayakawa


  • Marketing Executive RM4000 – RM5000
Location Segambut, KL
Requirements -At least Diploma holder
-Good writing skill (Better to have portfolio/past works)
-Mandarin speaker
-Ability to use design software such as Photoshop is a plus
Responsibilities -Mainly responsible for B2B marketing
-Research on the background of individual products
-Write description of each products on E-commerce
-Interviews with farmers to get the right information about their products and write story about
-Regular updates on social networking sites