No.1 Farm Direct Platform
in Southeast Asia

The market value of fresh produce in Southeast Asia is estimated at USD 100 million. However, the e-commerce sector in the fresh produce industry is still underdeveloped, despite the rapid growth of the food industry's e-commerce.

This underdevelopment is attributed to the lack of efficient cold chain management and a consolidation system connecting farmers and chefs. At Secai Marche, we aim to become the No. 1 'Farm-direct platform to link farmers & chefs' by providing a comprehensive solution that includes essential 'Information,' 'Transportation,' and 'Payment' services in Southeast Asia.


Create A Reason for Being.

Our aim is to establish an essential platform of “Information”, “Transportation” and “Payment” solutions for everyone.

We found that there was very limited access to quality products, mainly due to underdeveloped fulfilment services for both farmers & chefs even though there is a wide range of amazing products.

Quality over quantity, We aim to cast a light on “Producers” & “Consumers” who play a key role in the society. Though challenging but at the same time exciting as we aim to push our limit for you!

Never give up as exciting times are ahead of us.

Let’s grow together!

Co-Founders Ami Sugiyama & Shusaku Hayakawa